Comings and Goings

The new semester began last week, and that has seen the return of two faculty members who were away during the fall. Professor Nina Crimm returns after spending last semester at the University of Kentucky as the James and Mary Lassiter Distinguished Visiting Professor. Prof. Crimm will be teaching Basic Personal Income Tax. While at Kentucky, Prof. Crimm’s work was featured at a conference devoted to her 2010 book (with Lawrence Winer) Politics, Taxes and The Pulpit: Provocative First Amendment Conflicts (Oxford). Prof. Crimm is already at work on her next book, which will continue to explore the intersection of the First Amendment, tax law, and public policy. Tentatively titled God, Schools, and Government Funding: First Amendment Conundrums, the book (also co-authored with Lawrence Winer) will be published by Ashgate.

We also welcome back Professor Anita Krishnakumar, who returns from maternity leave after giving birth to a beautiful baby girl last year. Prof. Krishnakumar is teaching Legislation and Administrative Law this semester. Her most recent article, The Anti-Messiness Principle in Statutory Interpretation, will be published in the Notre Dame Law Review this year.

We are happy to have Professors Crimm and Krishnakumar back in the classroom and back as part of our intellectual community. We are also happy that two other colleagues will have the opportunity to further their research this semester. Professor Rosemary Salomone will be on research leave continuing her ground-breaking work on education, gender, language, and immigration. Professor Salomone’s most recent book, True American: Language, Identity, and the Education of Immigrant Children (Harvard University Press, 2010), has made major contributions to the contemporary debate about immigration and multi-lingualism. I look forward to reading Professor Salomone’s next project.

In addition, Professor Janai Nelson will be on leave to continue her research into election law and democracy. Professor Nelson’s leave is part of her designation as the inaugural Granito Scholar. An expert on election law, Professor Nelson will expanding her research into alternative dispute resolution by exploring how mediation can be employed to resolve election disputes in local and national elections. The funding for this leave comes from a generous gift by the family of Frank H. Granito, Jr. ’62.

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