Annual Alumni Luncheon: Celebrating our Strength

At the end of January, almost 400 members of the St. John’s community gathered for the Alumni Association Annual Luncheon.  The event gave us an opportunity to celebrate our alumni, as we gave the St. Thomas More Award to Judge Carmen Beauchamp Ciparick  and the Recent Graduate Service Award to Kathryn Carney Cole.  We also inducted twelve new members into the Belson Circle, recognizing their lifetime generosity to the Law School.

In my remarks that day, I noted that the state of the Law School is “strong and getting stronger.”  I also noted, though, that as the post-recession job market enters its fourth year, fewer and fewer students are choosing the legal profession as a career.  That means tough times are ahead for law schools.  But I am confident in our ability to thrive during these times because of the core strengths of the Law School: a University that is large and supportive; students who are smart, hard-working, eager to learn and filled with entrepreneurial spirit; a faculty that is dedicated to teaching excellence and committed to preparing our students for the profession; and an alumni network that stays connected to the school and loyally gives back to support our students.  More details about the Annual Luncheon are available here.

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