Frozen Conflicts, Emerging Markets: Moldova and St. John’s

President Timofti

Last month, I was part of a small group that dined with H.E. Nicolae Timofti, the President of Moldova, while he was here for the United Nations General Assembly.  (Press coverage of President Timotfi’s address to the General Assembly is here.)  St. John’s Law already has a significant relationship with Moldova — a landlocked European country nestled between Romania and Ukraine.  The relationship goes back to 2004, when Adjunct Professor Mark Meyer ’71, ’07HON led a City Bar mission to Moldova that resulted in an influential report drafted by Prof. Christopher Borgen.  The report examined a still on-going separatist conflict in the Transnistria region of Moldova.  Since then, both Mark Meyer and Chris Borgen have become important experts on the international law aspects of the Transnistrian conflict.  As a result of their work, each has been awarded Moldova’s highest civilian honor.

At the recent lunch, one of the topics was the upcoming visit to Moldova by Prof. Meyer’s class Transactions in Emerging Markets. Two years ago, that class visited Romania, meeting with business and government leaders during a week-long excursion.  Next semester, the class will visit Moldova, for a similar week of meetings with business leaders and government officials, including President Timofti.  Those visits will provide students with an invaluable opportunity to take their classroom learning directly into the field.  Such travel courses (another will go to Scotland next semester) are just one component of our rapidly growing transnational programs at St. John’s.

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